Vivekananda House

Vivekananda House

A Historic Place of Inspiration since Swami Vivekananda’s stay in 1897

Vivekananda House (known as Vivekanandar Illam in Tamil), an important landmark in Chennai is associated with the Sri Ramakrishna Math since 1897 when Swami Vivekananda stayed here for nine days after his triumphant return from the West. Later, Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai was founded and functioned at this place during its ten years from 1897 to 1906. Now, this historic place houses a technological smart museum called “Experience Vivekananda” on Indian Culture, Swami Vivekananda’s Life and his message using latest trends like Virtual and Augmented Reality, modern 3D/4D effects and advanced Son et Lumiere elements. Currently, Vivekananda House is maintained by Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai and it’s a source of inspiration to thousands of Indian and International visitors who visit it every year.

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Experience Vivekananda Museum

Tears of Vivekananda 4D Virtual Reality Movie
Ask Vivekananda Augmented Reality Exhibit
Parliament of Religions 3D Movie
Vivekananda Meditation Room
Vivekananda's Childhood
Vivekananda's Wandering Days
Vivekananda Digital Photo Gallery
Art gallery on Indian Culture in the eyes of Vivekananda
Vivekananda Park


Vivekananda Navaratri Celebrations
National Youth Day Celebrations

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