Vivekananda House

​Tears of Vivekananda 4D VR Movie

“Tears of Vivekananda – Transformation of India” – is the first 4D Virtual Reality (VR) short movie on Swami Vivekananda that depicts the period before Swami Vivekananda’s visit to America and his famous “Sisters and Brothers of America” speech at the World’s Parliament of Religions, Chicago in 1893.

The movie explores the wandering days of Vivekananda in which he sees the miserable condition of India and the degradation of our glorious culture due to continuous foreign invasions. He swims across the tumultuous sea (shark-infested waters) at Kanyakumari, the Southernmost tip of India, and meditates on a rock three days and nights without food/water to discover the means to improve the condition of the masses and to revive the ancient culture of India.
This short movie is showcased with a 4D immersive experience (water effects, aroma, wind effects) where the visitors are seated in a boat and they are made to travel back in time to Kanyakumari of 1890s to witness the incidents in Swamiji’s life.

Daily shows are shown at Vivekananda House, Chennai and the duration is 7 minutes.